Sunday, July 17, 2005 ADSL in Moscow for Mac OS X

For those with Mac OS X who want to connect to the ADSL service in Moscow -- you don't need to do anything to your ADSL modem. If you were playing with it, it's safe to reset to the factory settings.

In my case, the ADSL modem Stream.Ru sold me was an Aus.linx AL-2007VA, which is also a router/DHCP server. In your OS X system preferences, make a new location, set TCP/IP to DHCP, apply, and set the PPPoE section to the second username & password pair in the little secret tearsheet given to you by the people. Apply, and PPPoE will connect for you. This was a useful link, from the major Mac people in Moscow. I can't read all the instructions, but I found that I didn't need to do anything to the modem. I did need to get the username/password from the tearsheet.

Hooking up a Wireless Access Point is much easier. Hook the ADSL's ethernet out into the uplink for the WAP, connect wirelessly in the normal way, surf to the address for your WAP: mine was a new linksys wireless-G broadband router, with address, default username: WRT54GC default password: admin. Select PPPoE, give it that second Stream.Ru password, save settings and wait. Then apply your normal "DHCP through airport" setting, as you would anywhere, and you'll be live.

The ADSL is quite fast & robust ... I can SSH, FTP, Workspot ... all ports seem to be available. This is not true at all WiFi & Internet Salons around Moscow. The Workspot demo is a particularly good test, because if it can't connect, the only port available is 80 (HTTP). My ADSL line was the first Workspot connection I managed to get here. I don't know why ... this isn't China, there's no Internet censorship. I don't see the point. Anti-hacker precaution, perhaps?


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