Sunday, July 17, 2005

Aeroflot - Аэрофлот

Аэрофлот has flights from Seattle to Moscow. New Boeing 767's, bought no doubt with US government & World Bank guarantees & loans. Very nice Russian staff at baggage check in -- 32 kilos was our baggage limit, and we were two kilos over -- it would cost a fortune. But the check-in girl told us to move some stuff to the carry-ons ... quite nice of her.

The London bombings happened the day of our flight, and while we were waiting to board, we had to listen to the extreme, virulent, US news propaganda about the bombings. The fact is, you're more likely to die being hit by a cab in London. But no government reacts to the 'cab crisis' by tearing away our freedoms and spending billions invading auto companies & slaughtering the workers. The death of these commuters, and the abuse of the catastrophe by the powerful militarist publicists, was quite disgusting, and a disturbing way to leave the US.

But the media response was indentical in Moscow. The russian government has it's own agenda, indeed, almost every government in the world has its own agenda, its own abuse to squeeze from this explosion. Every state needs to scare it's people into subservience, and needs to invent an enemy. But the governments, of course, are by far the biggest sponsors of death and destruction.

The flight was lovely. A beautiful trip over the north pole. Arriving in Moscow ... the immigration people silently stamp your passport, and the customs people are no where to be seen, if you follow the green lane.


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