Monday, December 20, 2004

HTML & Cyrillic

Is is possible to publish Cyrillic here?

дa, дa

I'm on Mac OS X. Click on the little language flag at the top-right. Pick "Show character Palette". Pick Unicode from the drop-down list, and Cyrillic from the left list panel.

Now, if the above turns out to be "da, da" in Cyrillic, we're ok. Most browsers set to Unicode-8 will display it properly. So, I'm on Mac OS X, and the default setting is correct. Note that, unfortunately, if I go to Safari's preferences, the default listed is "Western ISO". Which is not true. Because if you select View->text encoding->Western ISO, the browser displays incorrectly. This is just the Safari bug.

In an old Internet Explorer (5.2 for Mac, which few people use anymore, right?) the default setting doesn't matter -- if there's a unicode-8 character in the text, you cannot select View->Character set->Western Latin 1.

To get a different view (I only have the browsers on my computer, after all) I went to If you click the instant Linux demo button, you get a remote desktop, and today, at least, it launches a Linux Mandrake 9.1 Gnome desktop with Galeon as a browser. Reasonable preferences seemed to have no effect on this page, such as "auto-detect->russian" and "default set->unicode-8" and "language->russian". Only selecting the "view->encoding->unicode-8" in the active window, and refreshing, showed the characters properly.

Well, good for Apple for doing it right with Safari. Unfortunately, it's really sad that browsers don't all do it right. You can see the characters above if you set Unicode-8. Russian websites like sets a Russian text encoding in a meta tag, which is very sensible for Russia, but not quite right for the whole world.

More on this as we go along.


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